Developing an Automated Student Academic Record Management with Business Intelligence Approach

Maria Dara C. Saquin, Dave E. Marcial


Student academic records management and assessment are among the vital processes in any higher education institution. These processes must be efficient and systematic. The significant problems of the current system that is holding the student’s academic record have been observed and identified. Based upon the limitations and the challenges on the existing procedures of a manual storing and archiving of the students’ academic records, a centralized students’ academic record management system was proposed. This project primarily aimed to develop a computerized student academic record management system in order to help DMC College Foundation Incorporated (DMCCFI) Philippines improve its performance in the registrar services, specifically in the assessment and evaluation of student records. The newly developed system is integrated with business intelligence. It offers modules such as grade submission, assessment, and student kiosk with security feature. The development model included Rapid Application Development (RAD). The tools used in the development are Windows Server 2008 R2, DevExpress, Microsoft Visual Studio C#, MSSQL, and SmartDraw. Based on the system evaluation, the proposed system is very good with an aggregate mean of 4.55. The result implies that the MIS staff, coordinators and dean strongly agree that the proposed system is highly acceptable. In terms of usability, the proposed system is rated with an aggregate mean of 6.43 described as “Strongly Agree.” It was concluded that the developed system offers the capabilities and functions that can help improve the performance of the registrar services in DMCCFI and is highly recommended for immediate utilization by DMCCFI.


Business Intelligence, Information System, Management Information Systems, Student Assessment, Student Self-Assessment, Student Kiosk

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