Ryan Agustian, Nugroho Agus H., Junius Karel


Traffic sign is needed to give information to users so they can be aware in roads. There are many types of traffic signs and each has many forms and different from each other so users sometimes have difficuty in recognizing traffic signs. In this research, the signs used are signs based on Peraturan Menteri Perhubungan Republik Indonesia Nomor PM 13 Tahun 2014. Modified Chain Code method was implemented for feature extraction process and Euclidean Distance method is used to calculating the similarity. Testing is done with 5 types of tests i.e. resize image, objects truncated, added a few objects to image, added many objects to image and noise spots. The test results showed the accuracy of the image of traffic signs to be recognized is 92.5%.


Traffic Sign, Chain Code, Euclidean Distance

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